Dear Abby

How does the Nationwide benefit work for Y members?


Dear Abby,

Am I able to use YMCA facilities free of charge while I am on vacation or traveling? Macy

Dear Macy,

We encourage you to take advantage of the Y wherever you live, work or travel. With Nationwide Membership, full facility members have the flexibility to use participating Y facilities across the United States and Puerto Rico at no additional cost.

By making it possible for our members to visit the Y as often as they like, no matter where you are due to travel – the Nationwide Membership increases the value of your Y membership. Now, you can walk in to any participating YMCA organization and use the facility as if it was your home YMCA. This initiative give you an opportunity to be a part of a single Movement here at the Y that deepens our cause as an organization.

The Nationwide Membership launches October 30th here in Illinois and will continue to grow throughout the US and Puerto Rico as we advance into 2018. If you have any additional questions about our program, or would like to know if a specific YMCA is participating in this initiative, please feel free to reach out to us and we can help you.

Safe Travels,

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