Val's take on the final week of the challenge. Blog #24 Oct. 30


Trick AND Treat

One of the fun things about the Challenge is how we’ve gotten to know Molly, and one another, better. She clearly has gotten to know us, too, because she mapped out an amazing circuit today, based on the exercises we’ve told her we hate (the tricks!) and the ones we say we like (the treats!)

So today’s pacer activity involved spinning the wheel of death (it may have another name, but only this one is in use by the challenge crew) which then directed us to pick one of the exercises Molly had laid out at the bottom of some adorable Halloween shot glasses and do them, or to “poison a pal” and invite a crew mate to do them while we rested, or to do double the directed exercises.

The tricks were bear crawls, wall balls, mountain climbers, burpees, and “quad crawls” which I’d never seen before but do look challenging – it’s moving sideways in the position that would be down on hand and knees, except that you curl your does and do it on the balls of your feet.

The treats, I have to agree, were some of my favorites. TRX, Supermen, an ab hold that Molly likes which involves lying on your back and lifting arms and legs to create a banana shape, heavy rope, squats, lunges (with weights!) and suicides, only with sandbags on our shoulders. Ok, nobody thinks they remember saying we liked suicides. But they were ok too. t was a good, solid workout. I pushed myself some, and had a good time. What more do you want? Well, ok, Halloween candy. I want Halloween candy. Guess I will have to wait til tomorrow for that.

I had my assessment today. Weight stayed the same. Body fat, which was down a lot at the midterm, came back up a bit, but hey, there was some time off in there which featured travel (so fewer workouts) and amazing food, so I don’t feel too bad about that. My waist actually shrank 2 inches, so apparently this is a less intransigent area than I thought! More importantly, I can do more pushups than I used to , with better form, and I even hate them a little less!

I am looking forward to our last class on Wednesday!

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