Trying out TRX - Valerie Bock blog entry #10, September 6


Trying out TRX

Today I got to learn how TRX works. It sounds way more high tech than it is – basically it’s a specially constructed strap hung from a hook on a wall, with adjustable handles. It’s pretty cool, though – it uses a person’s body weight for resistance. One holds the two handles, and attempts to keep the straps taught while doing chest presses in a plank position, or squatting and coming back up, or pulling one’s body forward. What I really appreciate about it is how easy it is to modify for more or less challenge. Feels too hard? Move your feet so that you are more upright. Too easy? Create a bigger angle by moving your feet in toward the wall! It’s all really pretty ingenious. Apparently Bryan Byers and Lindsay Romano are converts – they bought one for their home, and as home fitness equipment goes, it’s definitely one of the more economical options.

The sandbags came out again. We alternated TRX work with lunges with sandbags. I’m tired even remembering it.

And then, just to make sure the ticker got a serious work out, we did “drops” – run in place with high knees till our taskmaster yells “Drop!” and then punch out 4 mountain climbers.

Several of us have some travel coming up – I’m sadly going to miss our Friday flex class, which would have been my first spin class ever, because I’ve got a family obligation. Bryan and Lindsay are gone all next week. I’ll be gone for 2 weeks after that. So Molly took some time to remind us of how we can get a decent work-out in even a hotel room. She referred us to a “SLAP” circuit but I was pretty tired and the only thing I remember is that L is for lunges. A Google search suggests that planks/pushups and squats are also involved. I will have to ask her about the A, and get back to y’all. Maybe it’s something aerobic like jumping jacks.

We are almost halfway through our 12 weeks, so assessments are coming up. I don’t know that my measurements will have changed much, but I’m very clear that all that soreness I’ve felt around my hips has been followed up by building up some muscle there. And I’m grateful, because I took a spill on some slippery mud this weekend, and literally bounced. I landed on my hip and forearm, and have a scrape and little bruising to show for it, but because I’ve got some good muscle protecting my hip these days, I really am none the worse for wear. I think we forget sometimes about how protective decent muscle tone is, but it’s way stronger than the fat layer that also surrounds our bones, and it’s literally there to hold us together. Anyway, I’m proud to say that the WSOYMCA Challenge (and my devotion to Pilates) literally saved my butt!

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