Flipping Out - Valerie Bock blog entry #11, September 11


Flipping out

…is what I did when I saw the title of today’s workout was “What the Flip.” We’ve been working hard on strengthening various body parts, but I do not feel prepared to execute flips!

Fortunately, the title was a reference to one of our Challenge folk’s common refrains when faced with another daunting workout task. It also referred to the coins we were to flip to add some randomness to our interval training today. No gymnastics talent required!

We were split again into 2 teams, the virtuous souls on the north side of the gym, and the evil bad guys on the south side. At each station, we were to do the number of reps represented by the coins at the station – a nickel for 5 pushups, a dime for 10 lateral squats, a quarter for 25 of those things where you lie on your back with your feet up and lift your arms up to touch your feet (straight arm raises?) and a penny for pushing the sandbag halfway across the gym and back. After one set, we were to flip the coin to see whether we would continue on or do another set, to a maximum of 3 coin flips (which is to say 100 of those arm raise situp thingies, if one was phenomenally unlucky!) It was fairly hilarious to watch people flipping those coins as if their very lives depended on it, and there was more than a little praying and swearing.

Every so often Molly would ring a bell and yell “Team Work” at which point we were all to gather at our team cone. The last team to assemble got a bonus 5 burpees to do (we are in training for celebrating Lindsay Romano’s 40th birthday next week) The good guys won that privilege 3 times, I think the other guys had to do it twice.

The evil bad guys won, having completed 25 circuits in 28 minute to our 24. Molly actually made us line up and say “good game” to the other team, just as if we were kids on the soccer field. It probably says something about how tired we were that it seemed easier to comply than protest, though we are darned good at protesting.

We finished up sitting in a circle in a core-engaged 45 degree angle, passing things like weights and kettle balls and a football and a medicine ball around as fast as we could. Pro tip – next time we should arrange ourselves in order of height. I was between Tall Men Bruce Jeffery and Matt Hall and it was tricky for me tricky dealing with their long arms and majorly superior arm strength.

We will have our 6 week assessments this week. We have a new member, whose name I didn’t get because she is apparently known to everyone and joked about being the “new Aric Lee,” because Aric’s responsibilities have prevented him from participating. I’m sure Abby and Matt will fill y’all in for me when they take over this space while I am away.

Speaking of being away, I did ask Molly about SLAP – A SLAP workout is something you can do anywhere, and it involves mixing Squats, Lunges, Abs (core work) and Push/Pull (Arm stuff!) It’s a really nice little formula for a portable workout.

I have some exciting stuff happening these next few weeks which will prevent me from participating, but you, dear readers, will be in excellent hands with Abby and Matt.

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