Guest blogger Abby Helm returns for "Grin and Bear It" - blog entry #13, September 18


Grin and Bear It

Monday’s WSOYMCA Challenge was called “Grin and Bear It” – kind of fitting because that’s exactly how I felt going into this workout. After a weekend of: wine, high calorie foods and minimal water (sister’s bachelorette weekend) – I wasn’t exactly looking forward to working out, much less working out, outside, in this God-awful heat. But yet, I showed up – with high hopes that this workout would change my mood and help erase some of the damage I did over the weekend.

The workout was a circuit full of sandbags, big tires, medicine balls, ropes and planks. I had no idea what was in store – but I knew it was going to be a good workout. Anything that involves tires and ropes really gets me excited!

We were told to partner up – this time, I didn’t get my smiley, positive partner Rachel, but instead decided to buddy up with the gentle (yet very competitive) giant, Matt Hall. Matt’s progress has been quite impressive! He’s another veteran that has come so far. Never in my life would I think to see Matt every Tuesday and Thursday in Pilates class – but yet, there he is – killing it. Every. Week. He’s been putting in the work each week both in class and out of class – taking everything he’s learned over the course of both challenges and it’s completely paying off! Makes me proud to see how far he’s come.

So, back to the workout – Matt and I teamed up and were ready to go. 1 minute of work with a brief (maybe 30 seconds) of rest in between each set. Each station that we were at had to be completed twice before moving on to the next. We did things like – passing sandbags (ranging from 10-30 pounds) to each other, flipping tires, curtsy lunges, wall (or in this case since we were outside, tree) balls, planks and ropes. Not going to lie – I don’t know if it was the heat or the indulgent weekend, but it was tough. I was finding myself having to stop a couple of times to catch my breath and to wipe the insane amount of sweat off my face. Just when I thought I would quit and wait until the timer went off – there was Matt, giving me the thumbs up and telling me to keep going. So, I did just that – I kept going.

Then, of course, in complete Molly fashion - just when the last timer went off and we thought the workout was complete and rest was among us, she proceeds to tell us to line up on the concrete. Say what? I just poured all of my energy into that hot, sweaty workout and now you’re telling me to line up for a little ‘fun’? Uh, no thanks! But, I didn’t see anyone else sit out – so again, I did what I was told and stood on the edge of the concrete waiting for Molly to tell me what was coming next.

Ok, so remember when I mentioned that the workout was called “Grin and Bear It” – well this is where the “bear” comes in. We had to all line up on the concrete and bear crawl from the concrete to the cone (which seemed like a mile away) and back – and of course we had to do it twice. Ugh! I think those bear crawls were harder than the actual work out! I did notice though – I’m improving on them. They are still hard, but are getting easier each time I practice them. So, I guess you can call that a silver lining?

Ok, so now the workout is complete. We completed the circuit, did the bear crawls – time has got to be up, right? Wrong! I looked down at my Fitbit and we still have time left. Actually, enough time to complete another round. So, that’s what we did – two rounds of the circuit, two rounds of those nasty, awful bear crawls.

Yesterday was tough – but from the sounds of it, Wednesday’s class is going to be even harder. We’ll be headed to Downtown Decatur. I’ve overheard Molly talk about what’s to come and to be quite honest, I’m a little curious and scared all at the same time. I’m envisioning us having to burpee down the sidewalks and lunging our way down Merchant Street all for the sake of Lindsay’s 40th Birthday. I’ll keep you posted on how that all turns out on Wednesday but until then, I’ll be doing a lot of hydrating and foam rolling in preparation.

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