Guest blogger Abby Helm heads downtown for "Birthday Burpees" and more - blog entry #14, September 20


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear, Lindsay…. Happy Birthday to you! That song means much more now since our Downtown Decatur workout in the blazing heat. As you know, birthdays during the WSOYMCA Challenge aren’t for cake and ice cream…they are for burpees, and LOTS of them.

I knew going in this workout would consist of burpees – 40 to be exact. But, I wasn’t quite sure what else to expect. Right at noon, we were all crammed into the lobby of the Barnes Citizens building for our warmup which consisted of a short stair run and high knees just to get the blood flowing and the endorphins going. Following the 5 minutes warmup, I was ready to conquer this workout!

Molly had multiple stops throughout Downtown Decatur. At the first station we completed 4 sets of 40 mountain climbers (sense the theme here?). After those 4 rounds I can remember thinking to myself – ‘ok, this isn’t going to be so bad after all.’ I mean, I absolutely HATE mountain climbers – but that’s all I had to complete. So I was cool with it.

Since it is a traveling workout – we continued to jog/walk our way all around Downtown. At each station, we had to do various circuits ranging from tricep dips to walking lunges. And, of course, since it was (almost) Lindsay’s birthday, we had to complete 8 burpees 5 different times to get to the full 40 birthday burpees. But, Molly didn’t stop there – no. She had a whole “walking lunch” planned for us too. Envision a bunch of people lunging their way all across Downtown.

First stop at on our “walking lunge” was Coney’s were we were all told to head inside for a nice little ‘surprise’ for Lindsay. It was torture! See, I don’t eat lunch before our workout. Simply because I don’t want it to come back up while working out. So yesterday, walking into Coney’s was torture. Smelling the food and seeing all of those desserts… man! I just wanted to tell my peeps to head on without me and partake in lunch. But instead, we wished Lindsay Happy Birthday, they gave her a ‘will run for pie’ hat and some pumpkin pie (which she gifted to a patron) and out the door we went. Onto the next stop.

As if making us head to Coney’s wasn’t enough torture… we lunged our way across the street to Sloan’s Calzone where inside Lindsay had ANOTHER surprise waiting for her. This time, a pizza box. Oh man, I kept thinking to myself – how in the world is Lindsay going to carry a whole box of pizza around during this workout. But, I should have known better – crafty Molly had a Birt Plate inside the box. So, you can imagine all of our faces when Lindsay opened up that box. Here we were thinking we would all get a treat – but instead, we got a 15 pound Birt Plate that we now had to carry around. Ugh! Again, everyone at Sloan’s wished Lindsay a Happy Birthday and off we lunged.

Next stop, Del’s – where we were all gifted with squats. Squats really aren’t something you think about when going inside Del’s yet, never underestimate Molly and her tricks. It was in Del’s that we all had to single file, line up and start squatting. On the last set, we had to assume the squat position and hold it while we sang the “Happy Birthday” song to Lindsay. You know, I never knew how long that song actually was – until I had to hold a squat while singing it. J

After Del’s our torture of having to endure all of the yummy food places was over – we continued on to other various landmarks throughout Downtown. At each stop, we endured skaters, wall sits, jump squats and of course, burpees.

This workout was actually a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. It was really neat to get to run and lunge all through downtown. Although I missed the air conditioning of the YMCA gym, it was awesome to feel so accomplished after our time was up.

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