EMOM - Guest blogger Abby Helm - blog entry #16, September 28


EMOM - say what?

This week’s WSOYMCA Challenge was yet again another doozie. Remember when I talked about those rope pulls from Monday – well, I’m still feeling the effects from that machine. I was sore, tired and very unmotivated when I walked into the new Training Studio for our workout. In fact, I waited until the last minute to go and change my clothes for our workout because I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it.

But, I’m so glad I showed up. Today’s workout was an EMOM workout. EMOM, which is short for: Every Minute on the Minute is seriously one of the best workout circuits you can do. Basically, you get 1 minute to complete so many reps. If you complete those reps before the minute is up – that’s your rest, if you don’t – then well, you just don’t get any rest in between the set. EMOM pushes you to go hard – so that way you can enjoy the benefits of having as much time as possible for rest.

Today’s circuit consisted of: 20 TRX jump squats, 60 mountain climbers on a medicine ball, 12 rotational medicine ball throws, and these crawl things (sorry! I can’t remember the name of them) that are similar to a bear crawl.

I could feel myself pushing faster and harder because I wanted to make sure I gave myself plenty of time in between reps to rest. Which also resulted in me quickly panting and sweating within the first couple of reps because I was pushing myself so hard.

The group was able to complete 3 rounds. First time through we did 3 sets of the same exercise for 3 minutes before moving on to the next set. Second time through Molly dropped it down to 2 sets for a total of 2 minutes and finally, the last set, it was just 1 round of 1 minute all out.

But, of course – we weren’t done after those 3 rounds of EMOM, we had to finish with a “Chaser” as Lindsay Romano calls it. A finisher – something that makes you go all out just when you think you can’t give anymore.

This time, our beloved chaser was an ab workout to the song by Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight. You know, the one that Mike Tyson sings in The Hangover. Yep, our creative trainer made up a whole ab routine to this song. I guess I should have known better when I walked in and on the white board the “Theme” was …. I can feel it EMOM in the air To…Day. Yep, that’s where the song came in to play.

See, I always thought that song was the perfect song to stretch to. Just fast enough to get a good stretch yet slow enough to really get your heart rate down . But, in Molly’s world – this song equals a torturous ab workout. Up and down into plank, side taps, toe taps, side planks, basic planks … you name it – this song had it. It was rough! But, we pushed through and I think it’s safe to say that all of us had never been so relieved when Phil finally sang that last note and the song faded out.

This week was full of exciting new things for the WSOYMCA Challenge group. We’ve pulled, planked, climbed and push our way through another week. Next week, I’m sure, will be just as entertaining and exciting.

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