Val returns from vacation to her blog and special friend - the dumbbell - blog entry #17, October 2


My Friend the Dumbbell

I returned to the Challenge today after an amazing trip away. Many thanks to Abby Helm for blogging in my absence!

While my Challenge mates were growing their strength and cardiac capacity, I was with my husband eating 3 course lunches and dinners, almost always served with wine or beer. It is possible, that despite some pretty impressive step counts on the fitbit, my “yes and” approach to our explorations might not have maintained my fitness level! I had noble intentions of planking in the hotel room, but I caught a cold and tended to nap whenever presented with that option.

So it was with some trepidation that I presented my not-quite-uncongested self for class today.

Molly dubbed this one “My Friend the Dumbbell” because we were to select one dumbbell to hold near to our hearts for the entire class. This was an interesting circuit, paced by the one of our number who was assigned to throw the medicine ball against the wall as they rose from a squat. While the pacer did their throwing, we did the exercise Molly prescribed, enhanced with our dumbbell. Then we’d all run 1 lap around the gym. A new pacer would take over, and Molly would have a do a different torture sequence exercise.

I took Abby’s advice for Matt from last week’s blog and decided to pace myself. I selected a 3 pound dumbbell, because I am not wildly strong and had no idea exactly what we’d be doing with it. This turns out to have been a wise decision. The weight was arguably too light for some of the exercises, but we had to run laps around the gym with it in between our lunges and ab twists and planky one-armed lifts (there is a reason I am not employed naming exercises. This one has a real name, I just can’t remember what it is!) and I found that I could not always run that lap. So I walked the ones I didn’t have breath for, and ran the ones I did, and made it through to the end of the class.

I’m calling this a victory. Life happens, and sometimes we fall off the fitness wagon. Getting back on doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. Slowing down a bit, doing a few fewer reps, generally paying attention to what feels doable and what just isn’t is a way to get back on track. I’m glad I came today. I feel as if I’ve started back towards where I left off. Hoping I will be able to do it all with more competence on Wednesday!

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