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Team Work!

I still have not shaken my head cold. It’s not terrible any more, I’m not TOTALLY congested, and I’m not sneezing and coughing constantly and thus creating an infection risk for the people around me, but it’s still kind of annoying and I can still technically call myself sick. This is where having a scheduled fitness activity, written in solid electrons on my calendar, saves my lazy butt. Because, left to my own devices, I would expand my “I don’t swim unless I can breathe” policy to “I should probably skip my workout today.”

But y’know, I made a commitment to do the challenge. And my team needs me! So I reported dutifully today.

First we all warmed up with a 3 minute run around the gym. That was followed by a game of musical sandbags. Molly had us doing crab and bear crawls around the bags, not just forward or backward, but also laterally. My karate students will be DELIGHTED when I share these variations on the bear and crab crawls which are standard warmups in my class, I’m sure! It was clear that this exercise was designed not only to warm up our muscles, but also to get our competitive juices flowing.

I was again honored to serve on Matt Hall’s team on the West Side of the gym. Today we had to be strategic – there were a set of exercises that we could choose among, with a secret point value to each. Some were aerobic – running the stairs, and burpees. Others were ab-centric – leg presses and those v-sit thingies. And others were strength things with my (not so) favorite sand bags. Because we had some choice, and because we were doing these things under time pressure, we tried to specialize a bit. I’m fine with aerobic and ab stuff, so I took on the stairs and the leg presses and the superman thing with the towel and the v-sit thingies. I soon found that running up and down the stairs 4 times really took it out of me, so I was glad for the break with the ab stuff. Meanwhile Abby’s team was killing it on the stairs because Bruce Jeffery can take them 2 and 3 at a time.

For our second round, we could ask about the point totals for the various exercises. As suspected, stairs were 5 pointers, and so were the burpees. Lindsay Romano noted, though, that it was possible to knock out several sets of the ab stuff in the time it took to do the stairs, so we decided for the second round to concentrate on the faster, lower point total exercises. At one point though, I just couldn’t do another ab thing, so I ran the stairs instead.

We lost by only 3 points to the other team – one more set of lunges would have gotten us there. But wow, all that time pressure really made the time pass quickly. And when you’re doing stuff for time, it gets the heart rate going even when you aren’t doing officially “cardiac” activities. It was a lot of fun. Matt is an amazingly good sport and made short work of the loser’s penalty. Words fail me to describe it, so I will just refer you all to the video, which I expect will be quite magical!

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