Val's blog entry, #21, October 16


Teaming on a Gorgeous Fall Day

Today Molly took us to the northwest lawn of the DMH campus for a day of relay racing. She split us into 3 teams, attempting to distribute evenly the slower and faster among us. We would run to a station, tag the next team member to run, and then do exercises while waiting to be tagged again. We did plank jumps (sort of half burpees), we jumped laterally and squatted. We did staggered pushups. But mostly, we ran. Brian’s team won the day, earning the rest of us a trot around the field while holding up the heavy rope. Rachel Roettger, who really has to go down as the best sport of the crew, was on the winning team but joined our rope group because well, she had budgeted this time to exercise and wanted to get full use of it. I totally get it. People are already thinking about how to maintain our gains once the Challenge ends November 1. It’s sort of that we’ve learned how to budget this time in our week, and we don’t want to lose the discipline, or the fitness we’ve built up.

I was SO glad to be part of things today. After the disconcerting chest pain incident last Monday, I was knocked out of commission while medical folks put me through paces to make sure my heart is ok. Verdict is, they don’t know why I have chest pain but the scariest possibilities have been ruled out. I do not have nasty blockages in my arteries or in my lungs threatening to take me out if I make a wrong move, so I am free to exercise responsibly. They asked me to lay low for a couple of days to recover from the heart catheterization they did on Wednesday, and it wasn’t that hard to do that, because I just kinda felt like I’d been through a wringer, but sitting around too much makes my back hurt and makes me grumpy!

Weight loss and fitness are worthy exercise goals for lots of people, but they are intermediate or long term. One thing I can count on from a workout is that often during and ALWAYS afterwards, my mood is uplifted. My body generally feels tired in a good way, I feel accomplished, and all those endorphins run around my blood stream making me happy and relaxed. The added benefit of sunshine on my head when we go outside just makes things better. So thanks, Molly, for giving us all the chance to make the most of a beautiful day!

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