Valerie Bock's thoughts on today's Challenge workout. Entry #3, August 14


A Trip Back to the Schoolyard

After a delightful weekend of definite over-indulgence and under-movement, I noticed I am no longer sore! Obviously, this was a clear indication that it was time for another challenge session with Molly.

It really is kind of fun not to have any idea what is in store. I was a little bit late (Thank you, Yahoo, for changing up your email interface and confusing some of my favorite people about how one is supposed to access one’s messages these days!) but was quickly briefed by Matt Whitehead on the situation. We had been split into two teams, which I shall call, for lack of an actual naming process East (the evil folks on the east side of the gym) and West (the good guys on the west side of the gym.) Approximately 14 million colored balls of varying diameters had been scattered around the gym. Each team was charged with gathering balls on their side and tossing them over to the other side. There were a few heavy medicine balls in the mix too, some 10 pounders and 20 pounders, and each of them counted for as many balls as they were pounds.

It’s pretty amazing how fast it is possible to get your heart rate up running around and throwing balls! West won the first round. So East decided to get strategic, under the leadership of criminal mastermind Brian Byers. They let West throw balls to their side and then started doing laps and jumping jacks, hoarding all the balls till the last 30 seconds, then barraging the clean-living, fair-playing Westerners. They won that round, under protest from the West, who argued, convincingly from the point of view of your humble correspondent (who had an excellent view of what was happening as she scurried around the western side of the gym) that while technically no rule had been stated actually outlawing hoarding, hoarding strategy was not at all in the spirit of a workout which was supposed to keep us all moving. Molly, a mother of two who is no stranger, apparently, to playground skirmishes, deftly declared a rule change, in which she would be arbiter of hoarding and sentence any hoarder to 30 burpees. Burpee threat proved to be a very effective deterrent, and hoarding ceased. Our heroes, the West team, won the third round and hence the game. Not that anyone is keeping score, mind you!

So, refreshed by this trip back to kindergarten, we settled in for the rest of the workout, which involved circuits of what felt like a lot of balance work/lunges, and some creatively named exercises – bird dogs, and dead bugs, for a few. Also planks. Many planks. I am aggressively resting my arms on the keyboard because they really don’t want to do anything else. We were also assigned homework to do more of them. I’m trying to figure out a way to claim that the dog ate my email. But I gotta say, it’s such a fun break in the day. I am WAY more alert during my usual low-energy after-lunch slump (as in, I don’t seem to be having it!) And there is nothing like acting like a kindergartner in the company of others for a little while to cheer a person up, so I am not just alert, but pretty happy, too. Hooray for endorphins!

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