Youth Water Fitness Classes


All water fitness classes are free to members and for ages 13 and up.

NEW CLASS! “Total Water” Workout: Get the benefits in all depths of the pool. Warm up, strength training and more in the shallow water, then move to the deep end where you will get a much bigger range of motion, extensive core work and high intensity aerobics that incorporate your entire body. Move back to the shallow water to further work arms and legs for toning, strength, and flexibility. Class will be held in the lap pool.

Early Morning Workout - Participants do water aerobics, strength training, and range of motion exercise. Class is held in the Lap Pool.

Power Waves - High intensity cardio workout in shallow water, incorporates cardio, endurance and muscle toning. Great cross training for land-based exercise programs. Class is held in the Lap Pool.

Legs and Core - Class incorporates cardio, Pilates, muscle endurance and flexibility in the pool. This class is great for those with arthritis as well as more advanced participants. Class is held in the Family Pool.

For more information contact Angela Foulke at or call 217-872-9622 ext. 112

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