Our classes will experience large motor play at least twice a day (once in the morning and once in the afternoon). Our outdoor playground will be utilized for the large motor play unless weather conditions prevent this. In cases of inclement weather, we will use one of the multi-purpose rooms or Gym B for this playtime. We have ample soft large motor equipment & mats to be used when we cannot go outside.

Parents should be aware : We will be going outside unless the air temperature is 30 degrees or colder, it is raining or the playground is too muddy to use. You need to dress your child accordingly for the weather. Please keep in mind the weather changes throughout the day. On very cold days, or very hot days, we may limit the amount of time we go outside.

Appropriate Outside Clothing:

SUMMER – Hats to shield the sun from child’s face and head. Please, no flip flops.
SPRING & FALL – Jackets
WINTER – Hats, gloves and winter coats
EVERYDAY – Tennis shoes are a must!

The YMCA offers many extra-curricular activities your child can enroll in. If you are interested in taking advantage of any of the wide range of activities that are offered, please see the office. We require a note from you, giving us permission to release your child to the particular activity’s instructor during the time frame you have indicated. We would then be glad to walk your child to the activity and pick your child up afterwards. Please be aware, we will not stay with your child during this activity. Children will not be allowed to enroll in extra-curricular activities that conflict with our lunch schedule or swim time activities. If you have enrolled your child in an extra-curricular activity and their class has a scheduled field trip during this time, your child must miss the extra-curricular activity and go with his class on the field trip.


We believe that regular art and music experiences are essential to a well- rounded experience. The music will incorporate songs, finger plays and creative movement. A variety of art media will be provided for the children to learn to use and creative experimentation will be encouraged. We believe children should feel free to express themselves creatively through art and will be provided with many experiences to cultivate this.


Movies that are shown at the Child Development Center will be for special occasions and we will only show appropriate G-rated movies 60 minutes or less in length. We will also have available table work activities for children who choose not to watch the movie. The preschool rooms have a computer in their classrooms. Age-appropriate computer games are used as tools during open center and station times to enhance the learning of letters, colors, shapes, and numbers. Children do not have access to the Internet while in our program.


Children who are present in the afternoon hours will be required to rest on a cot at least 45 minutes each day. Parents are to bring a blanket to the center on the first attendance day of each week. We will send the blanket home on Fridays to be washed and then it should be returned the following week. Please let your teacher know if the blanket you bring needs to be sent home daily. Children may also bring in a special huggable to be used at naptime if they wish. This must be a soft cuddly item and not a “toy”.


We will be celebrating the following Holidays with parties during class time:

Fall Harvest
Thanksgiving Feast Day
Valentine’s Day

Although parent participation on party days is not required, it is welcome. The success of a party atmosphere depends on the extra help we can get on these days. Grandparents are always welcome, especially when parents are not available.


We would love to celebrate your child’s birthday or “unbirthday.” If your child would like to bring a special snack on his birthday, please make arrangements with the child care staff. On this special day, we ask that you bring healthy snacks and avoid treats containing a lot of sugar. Treat bags are not recommended but, if brought in, must be approved by the director before being handed out. We will not allow hard candy, balloons, nuts or toys that are rated for children above the age of the class or that do not fit the appropriateness of our center.


Parent participation is welcome and strongly encouraged. Many of our special days, field trips, party days and open houses would not be so successful if we did not have parent volunteers. We realize that many parents have jobs that will not allow them to participate in our program during work hours. There will be many opportunities available to bring in party supplies or help during one of our evening programs. Remember, the quality of our program depends on three things – staff that is dedicated, trained and enthusiastic about their job, children that are eager to learn through play and structured activities and parents that are involved, open-minded and want the best for their children.

Volunteers are ALWAYS Welcome!


Newsletters and calendars will be sent home at the end of each month. Please read them carefully as they will inform you of special days, field trips, themes and important curriculum items.

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