InBody Body Composition Analyzer


Look Beyond the Mirror. Move Past the Scale.

InBody 270 Body Composition Analyzer

Make changes that last.

Go beyond the scale and see how you're changing from the inside out by analyzing your fat, muscle, and water in less than 15 seconds.

With InBody, you can properly refuel, recover, and rebuild your body at the optimal level.

See what you're made of.

At the end of each InBody Test, you'll receive a result sheet printout that shows:

  • Pounds of muscle
  • How your body composition changes over time
  • Minimum number of calories needed to power your body


$10 for Members | $20 for Non-Members

*Personal Training clients do receive complimentary InBody scans with the purchase of personal training sessions.

How to schedule your InBody Appointment:

To schedule your InBody Test, contact Angela Foulke at or call (217) 872-9622 ext. 0

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