MOSSA - Group Power: Strength Train Together

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Group Power: Strength Train Together

Power up today!

Are you ready for a full-body workout that includes strength training, weight training, cardio and core work, in a fun group setting? Our NEW Y Group Power® classes give you results you can see and feel immediately - and our Y is the only place in Decatur to offer them.


Group Power, Strength Train Together is a revolutionary exercise program combining traditional strength exercises with the hottest functional training moves in an exciting and easy to follow group session. Whether you’re new to working out or are an experienced athlete, the versatile strength training program will get your heart rate up, make you sweat, and transform your body to be fitter and stronger. Go full throttle as invigorating music and supportive classmates help push you to your personal best each and every class. POWER UP TODAY!


Group Power uses adjustable barbells, weight training plates and your own body weight to mix things up, and includes squats, lunges, presses and curls for a full body workout. Our trained Y fitness instructors will provide starting weight recommendations as well as instruction on proper technique for all exercises.

The hour-long Group Power class at our YMCA features ten distinct tracks that work every part of your body.


The beauty of this method is it allows you to constantly change your workout and challenge your body. Group Power fitness classes are suitable for everyone, at any fitness level. They are ideal for:

  • Beginners looking for a fun, dynamic and challenging workout routine that’s not intimidating and can be learned easily
  • Men and women of all ages and all fitness stages. You decide how much weight to use
  • Anyone who wants a fun way to add strength and weight training to their workout
  • Experienced athletes and weight trainers looking to challenge muscles in a different way


For maximum results, plan to attend Group Power classes 2-3 times per week, allowing recovery time so your muscles can rebuild.

The key is to be both safe and effective.

So come join us! Our Group Power workouts help you build strength, confidence and overall improved fitness.

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