Corporate Membership

Let the Decatur Family YMCA help you develop a Wellness Program for you and your employees. Small, healthy lifestyle changes can mean big rewards for employee morale, overall productivity, and even the company’s bottom line. Research shows that employees who are healthy and productive have a significant impact on your company’s ability to achieve its mission. Wellness Programs represent a “win-win” situation for both the employer and employees.

Companies will benefit from:

  • Organized assistance with a health/wellness plan from an industry leader
  • Opportunity to offer employee benefit at little to no charge
  • Healthier/more productive employees
  • Positive image from employees that employer cares about them and their family
  • Employee participation reports
  • Possible insurance discounts for participation

Likewise, benefits to employee participants include:

  • Increased Energy and Stamina
  • Improved Physical Condition
  • Improved Mental Alertness and Attitude
  • Reduced Risk for Serious Health Problems

For more information, contact Debra Clark at 872-9622 x 129 or

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