Early Learning Readiness Program


Early Learning Readiness:

The YMCA's Early Learning Readiness Program helps to prepare your child for Pre-K and continued learning. ELR provides a stimulating environment for children to play and learn while developing the physical, verbal, and social skills they'll need to successfully begin school.

An informal setting with multiple "play" stations allows both children and adults to learn how to encourage learning and skill-building at home.

The goal of ELR is to help provide children preschool preparation including the cognitive, physical, and social skills they need to be school-ready. Because children learn by playing, our classes feature age-appropriate activities that encourage children to problem-solve and think creatively. And because adults attend the classes too, you'll be an integral part of your child's learning and enjoyment.

For more information about Early Learning Readiness, contact:
Ruby Henderson
872-9922 x 116

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