Our state-of-the-art Training Studio offers you a chance to participate in specialized group training and experience unconventional and challenging workouts. Please register at our courtesy desk.

The Training Studio Class Descriptions:

Morning Grind: Rise and shine—it’s Morning Grind Time! This full body circuit training class will wake those muscles up leaving you feel lean, strong and ready to conquer whatever the day might bring!

MWF ($80) 6-6:45am or Tu/Th ($40) 6-6:30am

No Excuses: We’ve heard it all! Too busy, too tired, I don’t have a babysitter… it’s time to leave the excuses at the door. Parents, drop the kids off at the nursery, grab that extra cup of coffee and pencil this class into your calendar. It’s time to focus on you! No Excuses is designed to work those stubborn places: core, glutes and lower body with strength training as the focus. Work hard to sculpt those abs and lower body for an overall lean, strong look.

MWF ($80) 9-9:45am or Tu/Th ($40) 9-9:30am

Stay Active: Designed for our Senior Community—staying active is key when it comes to getting older. This program uses functional exercises to strengthen the muscles we use every day. Stay Active will help build those muscles so you can live a strong injury free life.

MWF ($50) 11-11:30am

Body Blast: Have an hour for lunch? No problem! We promise to only take 30 minutes! This quick, yet effective, total body workout is perfect for anyone on a time limit. Utilizing TRX, Sandbags, CorMax—30 minutes is plenty of time to increase the heart-rate, work up a sweat and get the mindset back in check.

M-F ($80) 12-12:30pm

Power Up: We get it. The last thing you want to do after work is workout. After a tiring day, look forward to powering up before going home. Recharge with plyometrics, calisthenics, heavy bag and TRX. This program has both strength and cardio—the perfect combo after a long day at work.

MWF ($80) 6:30-7:15pm or Tu/Th ($40) 6:30-7pm

Spar Me: Take self defense to the next level. Develop skills needed to protect yourself. Sparring is a great core, as well as, cardio workout. Do something unconventional. You may like it.

Fri ($40) 5-6:15pm

Weekend Warrior: Preparing for your next Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Obstacle Course Challenge, or just looking to add a little fun into your workout routine? The Weekend Warrior is the perfect combination. Prepare yourself for your next obstacle course. Challenge your mind and body.

Sat ($25) 9-9:45am

Youth Fitness: Fitness can be fun! If you are between the ages of 6-12, this program is perfect. Kids will learn fun and interactive ways to stay active and healthy. All under the supervision of a Certified Personal Trainer that specializes in Youth Health.

Sat ($20) 10-10:30am

Family Fitness: Think outside the box when it comes to family time. Spend time with your kids all while getting healthy. This class focuses on fun, innovative ways to get the whole family active. For families with children ages 6-12.

Sat ($20/family—Max 4; $10 each addt’l child) 11-11:30am
Senior Yoga Mat

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