Adult Water Fitness Classes


A safe and challenging work out.

Exercise in water provides a near weightless and zero impact environment.

Water Aerobics Is Back!

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Aquatic Group Exercise Classes 

Programs range from warm water joint, range of motion classes to high intensity aerobic classes. Classes are 45 - 60 minutes long and are led by qualified instructors. All classes below are free to members.

Arthritis Program: YMCA Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program for members with Arthritis. Class focuses on improving range of motion, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Participants should consult their physician first. Class is held in the Family Pool.

Power Waves: High intensity cardio workout in shallow water, incorporates cardio, endurance and muscle toning. Great cross training for land-based exercise programs. Class is held in the Lap Pool.

Thanks in part to the Edward G. Whinnery Trust, we are able to provide free member water exercise for our active older adults.

For more information contact Angela Foulke at or call 217-872-9622

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