Nutrition 101 Program


Nutrition 101 Program

Here are the Decatur Family YMCA we focus on healthy living - which is more that just exercise. We understand that eating healthy is just as important as living an active lifestyle.

Our nutrition program help members focus on: macro-nutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates), hydration, sugar & sodium consumption in addition to exercise under the supervision of a Nutrition Coach & Certified Personal Trainer.

During this 12-week program, participants will receive a calculated macro-nutrient plan that they will use to complete their daily food diary. MyFitnessPal is used for logging food.

Participants will also meet with their certified nutrition coach throughout the program to discuss: goals and progress in one-on-one coaching.

Participants will also receive customized exercise plans from the certified personal trainer and 3 In-Body Composition Analysis to measure progress throughout the journey.

Nutrition 101 Upgrade: Pair nutrition & personal training together for the ultimate combo. This upgrade includes 8, :30 minute personal training sessions.


Participants may choose to only purchase the 12-week nutrition plan or purchase the 12-week nutrition & training program.

12-Week Nutrition Program: $110

12-Week Nutrition & Training Program: $235

For more information about the Nutrition 101 program or to enroll, contact: Angela Foulke at or call 217-872-9622

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